Looking for advise regarding buy ling aged facebook account

I tried making a new fb accounts and it immediately got request for photo which led to them being disabled. (I uploaded a picture of myself in hoping that it would pass verification)
After going through several fb marketing sites, it led me to a single solution, which is to buy aged facebook account.

So here are some questions i have regarding buying aged fb account

  1. Does original account location matters? (Like if i were to buy account origin USA and use it in Singapore)

  2. Does the email registered matters (i read that .ru account must be avoided, only gmails or yahoo only should be accepted)

  3. Do i need to buy one that is phone verified?

  4. Should i be using proxy if i am only using this one account and do I need to buy new device to use with the aged account?

  5. What other steps other than changing name, email and phone number should i be doing to start with the account when first purchase. (Before making page and running ads)

  6. Any recommendations on sellers that you have used previously? My location is Indonesia.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Could you please write in details about your account creation process?

I don’t have any problems creating new accounts. It’s same with some other people I know.
So, if you can write every detail maybe I/we can figure out where you did mistakes.

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Basically 3weeks ago I made a fb account and straight away made a page which i began running ads and posting content on the one page. Profile had no friends or post.

Everything was running smoothly till I made a second account 1 week after the 1st account, i believe my mistake was making on the same pc and same ip, which immediately made my 1 week old account go to selfie upload verification. Which i uploaded a selfie and it got me to the “you cant use facebook at the moments we are reviewing picture page”.

Low and behold I checked my 2nd newly made account and it went into the upload selfie page, which i upload a friend’s selfie, bringing me into the “you cant use facebook at the moments we are reviewing picture page”.

These 2 accounts have seperate new emails and phone numbers.

I waited 1 week stuck in the photo reviewing login page, despite having contact facebook in difficulty login issue, and no emails as to why it got block, and still receiving email friend suggestion notification for both accounts.

I finally gave up on those accounts and got a phone which i formated, because i had used to login into the previous “suspended” account. And used expresa vpn. And made a new account.
As soon as the profile had finish setting up, it led me to selfie verification…which shocked me. Leading for me to believe whether it was vpn with poor abused ip, or my phone.

And it got me thinking I could skip the whole risk of upload selfie verification (as to what happened with my 1st 1week account) if i had an aged account.

Any inputs?
Would i still require proxy for an aged account?

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If possible, make sure to buy phone-verified accounts that were created in the same country as the one from which you’ll use them.

Unfortunately, using proxies can trigger the same issues as you’ve described at any moment.

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Did you spoof your DeviceID when you created the account on the other phone?

Simple steps are making sure to change your device ID, change the IP (avoid using a proxy for account creation unless it’s a mobile or residential proxy), and clean your browser(cache and cookies) if you’re creating it thru the browser. Unique emails and phone numbers, which I’m sure you’re aware of and you should be golden.

Those are the steps I used when I used to create accounts, but it’s much easier to just buy aged accounts from a reputable supplier.

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I agree with Klique, the one common denomitor is that you created all the accounts with the same DeviceID, of which the DeviceID is probably blacklisted by now.

Besides that never EVER use VPN’s to create accs, those are blacklisted to the moon and back. It might have worked the first time because of the combination of that IP + device was allowed once by FB.

But FB is very strict on their “A person can only have 1 FB account, not several” and that probably got triggered as soon as you made another acc with the same phone and or IP.

So for next time, read up on account creation on a phone and find out all the things you need to change in order to not get caught by FB…


IP is the most important, and account score


Yes, account location matters, if you’re able to buy proxies that match the original geo location than do it, but to make sure it will be safe, always use 1 same IP address per account. Also look for phone verified accounts registered using the most popular email providers.

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Do you know any supplier? thanks

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its fb ip,but i have login access so that i can login any country or ip