Looking for any tool to get IG username from IG id

Hi there,
I know Jarvee let me get it; but it’s expensive for get two/three codes per month. Anyone know any other site or tool to get it.


Convert ID to username or scrapping id or usernames?

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Do you want to extract Followers of an Account?

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Hi Krystal,
I’ve Instagram user id and I’d like get username from that Id.

No really, I save some Instagram profiles: username - userID
Username was changed then I’d like get it from userID

If you need just a couple of those per month then you should find someone who’ll do it for you.

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yeah I like Jaha idea, you can contact one of Jarvee users and pay them a small amount for that service.

Or you can try asking for a discount and see if they have.

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I tried and they told me it isn’t possible. Thks

There is a tool called “Find Instagram User ID” provides an easy way for developers and designers to get instagram account numeric ID by username.


It doesn’t work months ago. I worked with that tool for months. Thank you for your help :wink:

I could find this site finally:


So you have to change var User_id on url, in this case for example: 1347802774 then site reply with this json code:


Where you can find “trombinichiara” it’s userName for userID = 1347802774

So I could find the solution at the moment. Thank you very much for all your replies.