Looking for bulk M/S Seller for my clients

Looking for bulk M/S Seller for my clients , I am looking to help scale my clients minimum 1,000 up to 5,000 followers daily.

Looking for a professional who has achieved these numbers for my clients. Please DM your experience and price per child account and guarantees OR price per follower.

1K daily followers isn’t cheap, I’m not sure if anyone who can get you this much real growth will take you seriously unless you give your budget.


realistically be ready to spend anywhere from $0.18-0.25 per follower to get any serious queries.

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Hit me up, might be able to help you :slight_smile:

Recommend @StayStyled


wow didn’t know it was so much expensive

This is why people need to start giving their budget instead of asking for results.

Can’t expect FAST growth unless you have a couple thousand to invest.

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I prefer M/F’ers🙂

Hahaha this made me crack up!

Have heard good things from about Tux in the MP social community. He def knows what he is talking about!

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So per my calculations you looking at like $250 - $1250 per day? Damn!!

Well, for 5k followers per day you should definetly come with a budget of at the very very least 15-20k Dollars per month, otherwise forget to find a legit m/s provider…


Yup, unfortunately it isn’t 2018 anymore , costs and risks are way higher now. If someone is offering it for like $5 per slave, run and run fast because if you don’t, they will disappear after taking the money

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What is this?

That’s actually on the low side. These things cost lots of resources