Looking for free cloudspace

Can anyone recommend an alternative decent free cloudservice like mega, dropbox, box, onedrive etc.

I need 30gb+ space

Thanks in advance.

I do not think there is any serious cloud space provider that offers 30gb for free :thinking:

If you are willing to pay a small monthly fee, there will be more options available.

Hi @HenryCooper

Happy New Year :slightly_smiling_face:

A friendly soul had a hubiC account he wasn’t using. He handed it to me, since they have closed for sign up.

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Just create 2 different Gmail account each one gives you 15 GB of free Google drive space.

create a account on mega. you will get 50gb cloud space. Mega.nz`

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If you are into open source I highly recommend make your own cloud with NextCloud. All you need is a server/PC that you have physical access to and a hard drive with the space you like to have. Install ubuntu and configure nextcloud with a cheap domain name.

Already have Mega. But it’s only possible to run 2 mega accounts at the same time on mobile app. Don’t wanna clone app or login and logout 2 different accounts either, as this would be a hassle.

Again this setup required login and logout of 2 different accounts on mobile app.

Thank you for your solutions guys. A kind soul helped me out already :slightly_smiling_face::pray:

So what was the solution?


Go with degoo 100 GB free

Depending on your usage, I can cook something up :slight_smile:

just pay 2 bucks a month with drive and save you the hassle, if you care for this data. If it’s junk just buy an unlimited account somewhere on black market sites but those can be closed at anytime.

It is pure junk. That’s why I wanted free storage. But that is fixed now.

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