Looking for help with Excel / Google Sheets -- Change Value Of Cell When Button Clicked

Hey guys, I have been spending hours researching on a solution to this problem, and I cant seem to find the right answer. Was hoping someone here could help :slight_smile:

The Goal is to click an up or down arrow ( + or - ) to increase or decrease the cell value by 1.

All the solutions I have found require scripts / macros. I would prefer not to use them. Instead I would like to hopefully find a way to acheive this using a formula of some kind.

Here is the link to the Google Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15uIZwQTTwJ-rcZg1EiTnJbADg0Shuzj1W42oOBvN6iY/edit?usp=sharing

PS: If there is absolutely no possible way to acheive this without a script, then is it possible to eliminate the need to click the cell before clicking the button to change the value?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

There’s really no easy way to do what you want with buttons if you’re not going to use VBA/scripts.

I mean the only thing I can think of is use data validation and have a drop-down.

Why do you need that button so much ?

Thanks for your input. Sucks to hear though.

The drop down will be way to long as I have to change random cell values all throughout the day.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have a very long list of repeated tasks which must be recorded in excel.

Each task will be on its own row. I would like to track how many times each task has been completed throughout each day. I could enter the values manually, but since I am changing hundreds of values each day (soon to be thousands), manual input would increase the time spent entering data dramatically. Click a button would be much simpler, and more productive.

The problem is, if the list is lets say 1000 rows long, adding a button on each row + using a script would not be good performance wise (correct me if I am wrong).

Got any solution for me master @mindeswx

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I’m actually only using libreoffice , so i am nowhere close to being good with google sheets, but for this task i would just use something like this-

add your values in C2 , in A2 insert formula =SUM(C2+NamedRange1)
and on f1 right click and select define range name , it should be “NamedRange1”

I might completely misunderstood your issue , but sometime simple solution can help :smiley: