[Looking for] High quality proxies for Jarvee


I´m new in this forum. Actually I´m growing up a Travel account and I´m using Jarvee app.

I created 10 account 4-5 months ago and now I´m using 5 accounts without proxy and 5 with proxy. I´m just running 3 hours per account of no proxies accounts so I haven´t had any instagram blocks problems with no proxies accounts.

Any way, I´ve had block problems with the accounts that I´m using proxies… so the question is easy what hight quality proxies could you recommend me to run Jarvee? I just need do Follow 200 accounts per day.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the community :wink:

Moved your thread to the correct category, as for your request, check out the #public-marketplace section, there are several very good providers there and you can see reviews for their service as well.

You need to use 4g mobile proxies, I would recommend you buy it from the marketplace on this forum, nothing crappy gets sold here in my experience.
Many offer a free trial too.