Looking for IG Fashion Page Growth


I need somebody to grow a fashion page from Zero.

I pay for every k follower 30-50$ Paypal/30-40$ BTC

No Bots
At least 10% Engagement for first few k follower
Targeted for Fashion

Ill post, you just have to grow me.
I pay you AFTER every 1k growth, if you dont meet the requirements I wont pay. Also wont pay for too inactive Follower.

Hey, I would do it for 300$/1k followers

50$ for 1k real and active followers seems like a far stretch but maybe you’re lucky and find someone

wont pay 300$ for 1k, 50 is enough but ty for your offer

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Good luck finding someone that is willing to bring you these 1k real & targeted users upfront, before you even pay them (with 50 $). You better buy fake followers for this budget (being serious).

@Jay_Grylls was more realistic :slight_smile:


lmao for 300$ you can get an Account with about 20k what is active af, there are def. people out there with these prices. You are just overpriced af

if you can get 20k active follower that has high engagement rate with 300$.
you can sales atleast $30000 monthly as fashion store.
i really want to use that service if i can get active 20k follower for only 300$ XD

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you can! But you wont sell that much w. 20k Follower lmaaao

i have 30k fashion account and montly sales $60000 on July
why its not possible? you know what active high engagement follower means? XD?

I am afraid that our friend here does not know much but it’s alright
Let him buy his 20k fake followers account for 300$ :smiley:


Where can I find a page like this to help grow my fashion page which is only at 2,800 followers

Lmao i meant you can buy an Account w. 20k F. for 300$ with good engagement (8-10%)

Havent had an Fashion Page and didnt know that you can make so much money w. just 30k lmaaao

Tell me ur name, maybe i can help you

He’s not being an idiot. He’s being honest. If there was someone that had this service available he would have offered it to you already. You may need to raise your price and change your requirements. Your price is very unrealistic.

already got some offered

Warned. Keep discussion civilized please.

I’m also looking for fashion growth please pm me anyone. Also OP dm me to collab, I can help you with content too. I have been in fashion industry for many years and will help you for free