Looking for indications to the best DM services here

Have you tested it? Tell me about it pls.

Hello, the mailing list for open dialogues works well, if you have them. If not, you can collect them by sending welcome messages to new users who have subscribed to your page.

How it works and how to apply it better.

What is the advantage of regular mailings is that regular mailings are often made on a cold base, and you send welcome messages to already “warm” users who are interested in your page because they subscribed to it.
When you send a welcome message, you get an open dialogue with the user, and the more such dialogues you have, the better. Because Instagram does not restrict the distribution of open dialogues, since these are your friends and they cannot forbid you to communicate with your subscribers.


You can send up to 50 welcome messages a day to people who have subscribed to you. Accordingly, if you work like this for at least 2-3 months and send 50 messages a day, you can collect in 3 months 33050 =4500 open dialogues (with what is it with a “warm audience” not a “cold” one), and already with open dialogues you can do mailing without restrictions and in 1-3 days make a mailing list of 4500 of these dialogues, without restrictions and blocks.

Something like that)

I think hes asking which supplier is good not actually doing it.

I hear @Parliament has good results


Exactly. I’m curious to know the results of people who tried different services, so as to compare with my experiences and see if we can figure out some patterns that I’m noticing.

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