Looking for Instagram Accounts Bulk Ban Checker

Any free tool to check bulk instagram accounts alive ban checker?
Looking for one since long time! Thanks :slight_smile:

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You mean like a tool that would check if some accounts are disabled or under some kind of verification? I haven’t heard of any yet :slight_smile:

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Not verification. I only paste account link or username and it says account is showing or not.

you mean you have a list of names and you want to see if the accounts exist or not?

Yep, correct.

When you say “Bulk IG checker”, how many accounts do you want to check ?

Depends. Around 100 daily.

FYI we’ve seen accounts display their profile page correctly, but are still disabled on the backend.

Didn’t knew about it. I just wanted a software where if profile is showing, it shows symbol or something that account is alive. I am sure someone might have here since people need that software to check if IG accts are alive or not.

this is really easy to make,

Buy a gig on fiverr someone that knows python.

  1. Open browser
  2. www.instagram.com/username (make it change username each run .txt file with usernames.)
  3. if message : Sorry, this page isn’t available. shows on the page user is banned or has a issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

done keep looping this with every run new username.

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You will not be able to tell the difference between PVed (pending verification) accounts, deleted accounts, and banned accounts - trust me, we check hundreds to thousands of accounts multiple times per day. :slight_smile:

I know but a simple software or bot can identify which accounts are bad or on phone verification.

You asked to identify banned accounts - which is impossible to determine. If you just wanna know if a account is active or not, easy peasy.

I’d at least be interested in that - bulk show active/ not active status. Any public tools or have to hire?

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I want to know inactive accts only (accts asking for PV’s or banned ones). If profile is showing it means it is active. Just want a tool where it says account is showing or not.

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Not always :wink:

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