Looking for Instagram Aged Account (not accsmarket)

I used to buy at accsmarket.com, but all accounts got suspended (captcha disabled) at the same time. each account has a different content, and very low actions (follow 5-30 users per day), or in other words, it wasn’t aggressive. 17 accounts got banned in one day at the same time.

I have other accounts that are registered by a human and set the aggressive settings (follow 100-180 users per day), but I got no banned or suspension. (by the way I’m using jarvee)

I heard that accsmarket’s aged accounts are registered using software and that explains they can sell at a very cheap price. And IG can detect software-registered accounts.

I’m trying to avoid accsmarket for now. So DM me if you got IG aged accounts for sale. Hopefully not a software-registered account. will need 15 accounts.

The truth is most aged accounts are bruted and cleaned. Which means people hack other peoples accounts (usually in 3rd world places) and delete the photos and reprofile them. Then sell. That’s why they never seem to run out. I know a hacker that does it.

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Any advice on finding reliable alternative providers where what you’ve described is not an issue.

Did you end up finding a supplier? I’m looking for one as well.

ordered some accounts from different supplier, but can’t say yet whether it’s hq or not. it needs time to observe. in my case, issues starts at atleast a month or 2. and by then, I can tell if it’s a low quality aged acc. Im still warming up newly bought accounts.

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Can you link me to the supplier?

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Link me to the supplier