Looking For Instagram Connect To Get Account Back

I need a instagram connect to get an account back. I have tried everything else. Please let me know if you can reccomend any. The account was very valuable to me.

I’m not sure how another IG account could help you get the other account back but maybe you can try sending them an appeal via https://help.instagram.com/366993040048856


Depends on how you lost your account.
Banned - Send Appeals or use a Service for that
Hacked - Thats a little more tricky

How exactly have you lost it?

all it says was for not following terms of service. I really think it was a mistake there was 0 posts removed on the account. But it’s been 2 months now and still dont have it back :frowning:

You can try the link I sent in my previous reply to submit an appeal. Instagram will then email you with the requirements on how can they verify or help you how to retrieve the account.

Then it’s possible that the account got disabled. You should probably then try to submit the form from the link that Jessi mentioned earlier.