Looking for Instagram Guru to help me with serious advices.

I need help reviving my insta account.
My account is of 60k follower with my personal high quality travel content.
I botted from 10k to 50k in the past years.
The result is that I have an awful reach and interaction.
I cannot close it since I have a lot of ongoing collaboration with several brands.

I am looking for an expert helping me to revive it, I don’t actually care to grow at the moment.

obv I can pay.

WTB Thread approved.

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Hi. I checked your Instagram account, and I would recommend this to improve engagement:

  1. Remove inactive/bot/mass/ghost followers from your account - you may loose up to 80% of your followers if you decide to remove them all. Afterwards, reach should be improved and engagement will be improved in the future. I takes around a day to remove 500-700 inactive followers so keep in mind that it might take many days to remove all.
  2. Improve your captions - your comments to likes ratio is low. You don’t have any call-to-actions in your captions to keep your audience engaged with the post. Also, your captions look very bulky, formatting is annoying too.
  3. Hashtags: I recommend:
    1. to put hashtags in the first comment so captions look good and not too spammy-looking. OR you can try turn hashtags into a sentence instead of paragraph: before - #sun #photo #nice, and after: Such a #nice #sun! Do you love this #photo? - this can give a push (Instagram is acting against hashtags that are grouped together in a paragraph)
    2. you are using too many big hashtags - it’s too hard to rank for them
    3. you may be using banned hashtags - had to run a check on that
  4. YOU MAY BE SHADOW-BANNED. I checked some of your posts and hashtags you’re using - and your posts don’t appear under those hashtags! You may used banned hashtags and you used over 20+ hashtags on all posts that is considered as hashtag over-usage! If you’re shadow-banned, either you fix those issues or logout from your account for 7 days to rest.
  5. I would recommend uploading engaging content , such as “which photo looks better, this or that? please vote in the comments”, etc.


  1. Create 4-5 accounts, profiled, and when you publish a post on your main account, like+save+comment+share+add to story that post with your 4-5 satellite accounts in the first 15 minutes, and respond to comments from your main.
  2. To improve engagement, I would recommend to scrape a list of people who are your followers and are not engaging with your account - and keep engaging with them a lot to remind yourself that you exist.

Also, you can take a look at my articles on engagement improvement I wrote on this forum:

I hope it helps! :wink: If you need any help, drop me a message


Hi Pow,
I am fan of your posts on methods to make use of the algorythmn!

I was wondering you wrote in April 19

Preferably, do not post hashtags in the comments (as this was patched a long time ago and is not working as effectively as while back) - most people use this to make caption better-looking by placing hashtags into the first comment, but please put them in the caption”

Now you advice to

I was wondering if you gave this advice in this case just for cosmetic reasons or if you oberserved a change and posting i first comment doens change the reach of hashtags anymore?

Can the 4-5 accounts run on the same phone. How many followers and posts should they have or are just blank accounts working?

Thanks for all advices. I would love to see this one can you check if the link is wrong?

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

It’s a second-level post, you can learn more about User levels here

Thanks Schoko! I was told the second level does not exist anymore… thanks for informing me! If I find the time I will finally share and contribute some things that are on my mind since some time.