Looking for Instagram Verification

Hey I have digital marketing company and My clients wants Instagram Verification with PR could you please let me know how much it is gonna cost me and let me know if someone has a offer for me to do that.

Also looking for Facebook Verification.


It’s going to cost around $5-10K usually.
That’s if you want a legit money back guarantee service.

yes it’s not that cheap it will cost you good money, i think between 3K-7K max check with @Alex11 he was able to help many users here on the forum

feel free to DM!

It will cost you between 5K and 20K if you don’t have a strong presence online and in the newspaper …

Was looking for one too. Just Dm’d.

For IG Verification, maybe you can check out this thread 🔵 IG BLUE CHECK VERIFICATION [100% Guaranteed / Full Moneyback] - #43 by Phil_Falaps


There are many agencies on the marketplace which can help you with that.

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I am very new to this platform do not know how to DM please let me know the process

When you click on their name, there’s a Message button on the user card.

What does that mean Nik

Not sure how to explain it in another way. Simply click on their name here, and you will see a Message button.

@Abhay_Pratap, in order to message other users, you must earn the Basic badge here first but I think you already have that


So you can try clicking your mouse on a user’s name, then a pop-up screen will appear, and click the message button there.

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You can also see the messages that you get by clicking your profile pic in the upper right corner then the envelope:

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Did you check the marketplace?
I’ve seen a few agencies that offer this service that looks promising

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I am not 100% sure I had convo with alex and his team they said they will get back to me but never anything again from them after that I never had interaction with anyone who can help me

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Thank you for sharing this, I was wondering why I couldn’t find this button

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Hello I would like to get my instagram verified. Can we chat on my email av.tibdewal@gmail.com