Looking for mobile proxies - suggetions?

I am looking for mobile proxies, not willing to use Henry copper, valar, smspva or saly verona
Anyone sells mobile proxies? no trash.
Any suggestions?
Hook me up.

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Why dont you want to buy from Henry Cooper or Saly Verona?
They are respected seller in this forum.

have you seen the locations of proxies?

If you dont want those locations it would be useful to write down the locations you need/prefer.

I dont want trash pool from TH, RU, Ukraine etc…
I need UK / NL geos, real sim cards manual proxy like Luminati

@Digital7Boy :slight_smile:

8 accounts per 65£ ? made me laugh

@Mr.BTC If he made them himself and it’s all clean clean without any prior abuse why shouldnt he ask for 65 pounds.

if you want cheap, expect trash. He’s just reaching his hand out. No need to be snarky.

Edit: Good mobile proxies are never cheap and whatever your purpose is. If it’s client management 65 per proxy shouldnt be the issue or you might be offering too cheap services

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Really? someone from this forum offered me 14 accounts per 1 mobile proxy in FR for 30$

Judging by the rest of the thread I would assume none of those sellers would be interested in your stuff anyways :slight_smile:

which are 11 USD, 40GB are enough with API

Are you guessing or affirming? Because I have been using this for a while and it is working as charm. Bouygues telecom is the first operator in France. It is traded in French Stocks. They have the best mobile coverage specially in towns (Paris is where I am)

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use API not EB

Hello, Im looking for Polish 4g proxy, maybe there is someone who can provide that?

ok then which French Mobile Plan have you had issue with?

after tried many provider, best pricing / efficiency that i have found for DC or Residential Proxies : www.proxy4sure.com

Manual proxy “like luminati”, why dont you just use luminati?

sounds like a great idea until Instagram blocks API again :wink: also, I would highly suggest to be a little bit more polite on this forum.

also, henry’s mobile proxies are working like a charm. try them before saying that it’s trash.

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Airproxy is working good

In the UK we have a 6GB 4G SIM with unlimited social media for £10…Buy as many dongles/SIM’s as you need and plug all into a PC running JV and a USB HUB if you don’t have enough ports. Many of us here are already doing this.