Looking for ongoing account manager - paid work

Hi all, I’m a uk based Youtuber (30 years old) who is looking for an ongoing partnership for someone to manage my social media to help drive views to my youtube channel (vlogging). current stats (all are real) are…

Youtube - 1k subscribers
instagram (5k followers)
twitter (1400 followers but hardly used).

Mainly wanting someone to take care of all the uploading for me of photos/videos to Instagram/Facebook and basically take care of syndication of the youtube video and help to drive traffic to my Youtube channel so that I have a decent amount of engagement and thus social proof as when you have low likes / views it does look a bit embarrasing.

Not sure if this is the right area to put this on but if anyone is interested please get in touch with prices and what you can offer. I have a budget of £100 per month. Am open to some degree of botting / paid for likes etc to support real engagement. Happy to have something on auto pilot basically but to be overseen by someone who knows what they are doing.

Photo content for Instagram/Facebook has already been done with 200+ photos pre selected already. Video content will be filmed in Feb 2020 and a new video added every 2 weeks.