[Looking for partners 🤝] Building network of 200+ IG accounts (Memes + Facts niches)

Hi guys!

Looking for partners who would be interested in building a network of Meme and Facts niche accounts on Instagram. I had this plan a year ago, but I have been working on different projects lately so haven’t had time to keep working on this. We split profits when we start monetizing those accounts.

What I have:

  • Over 200 logos (for branded Meme and Facts profiles);
  • Over 100,000 original content pieces (branded) for those accounts;
  • Very complex and strong caption spintax’es;
  • Hashtags & follow sources

What partners I am looking:

  • Who can create, manage, and setup all accounts on Jarvee or other automation tools
  • Who can monetize accounts when they are grown
  • Who can grow all accounts

I’m looking either for one partner or a couple of partners so we have all knowledge, assets, and tools to grow the accounts and bank later on :dollar:Selling shoutouts, merchandise, online products - you name it - there’s a lot of ways to monetize the accounts.

PM or Skype: powdavy for partnership (please, only experienced and trustful members are accepted for partnership)


To be clear, is this your only participation?

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For now, yes. I want to hear what others can offer that could benefit (setting up accounts on Jarvee, growing the accounts (either mass viewing, MS, manual growth, shoutouts, giveaways, you name it) + monetization strategy. I can maybe help in all of those things, but I need people on board who are doing that for a long time and keeps up with all IG updates and stuff. A teamwork is better. Discuss how all of us can properly manage, grow and monetize all accounts so all of us get a share. I’m in the ideation phase at the moment:)

P.S. I’m more into branding, content, data guy

Replied to you on Skype, thanks for your offer. I will keep in mind:)

Understand…let me check with my partners, the side of the business that we should take care of it is the most expensive without doubts. I can answer you via DM if you want.

Sure. If you want to chat over the Skype, just drop me a line. I can show some of my work (visuals, content, logo’s) and maybe have some ideas how we can grow and monetize them, and give all assets I have.

This is just of one 200 examples of how grown accounts may look like:

Logos, content - all mine