Looking for partners who want to monetize $$ their IG audience!

i have amazon affiliate channels where i post a lot of daily offers, price errors, coupon discounts etc…

my channel for the moment are amazon ITALY and GERMANY (soon i will implement CANADA, SPAIN and UK).

I would like to find partners who wants to run Shoutouts on IG stories or posts. I offer a revenue share of all profits coming from it!! (Im open to other proposals too :D)

we will measure everything with accurate analytics and tracking links. 100% transparency.

hit me up guys if you have a good german and/or italian audience! my telegram id: d4prnt


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Which niches? Or is the product matched to the IG profile/niche?

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Interested i’m in Canada

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for now not really a specific niche, i post product offers from fashion category, tech, DIY, accessories etc…all in the same channel. usually one offer every 30 min or so.

if you have IG profiles with very specific niche, we can implement channel specific to some categories eg. fashion…but this is quite a lot of work! depends on your accounts. send me the list in DM so we can figure out something!

cool bro! let’s stay in touch so i can implement soon the channel! how many accounts you manage? :smiley: