Looking for software that changes videos so the algorithm thinks theyre Original Content


I am looking for a software (or method) that turns a video into an “original” video,

aka tricks the Tiktok/IG algorithm into thinking it hasnt been uploaded before.

SO, I download a video from Tiktok / IG, run it through this software or method, and then I can reupload without any shadow bans from IG Or Tiktok.

Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Doesn’t work, their system has become extremely good at detecting non-original content.

Tiktoks? is there any way at all around this?

I’ve seen some memes blow up with a template

There is no way to bypass the controls applied by social media platforms to prevent the publication of non-original content. I have been trying for a long time to find a solution to bypass these algorithms, and so far, I have found nothing. Despite this, I see a lot of people reposting other people’s content on Instagram and, to a lesser extent, TikTok without incurring visibility restrictions from the respective social networks. I do not know how this is possible. However, it is absurd that a platform would go so far as to put such strict controls in place.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say there ‘is no way’ … because if there is a problem out there, there will always be someone or some people to find a solution. I personally dont do anything with tiktok or reels, but I do know two guys in a group who are reposting videos on tiktok and having success with it. How they’re doing it, idk… but they’ve shared more then enough video proof to confirm that they have figured out something. They likely wouldn’t tell me even if I asked them and I wouldnt expect them to unless I had something of equal or more value in exchange for it. Something like that… the people who do figure it out, are going to keep it to themselves. There would be absolutely zero benefit in them revealing how they’re doing it, other then to get it patched. And im quite sure they’re not the only two doing it, theyre just the only two in that group. So I wouldn’t give up if I was you, keep on testing, don’t expect it to be easy, just know it will be worth it if you’re successful.

Edit- don’t pm asking me for the group info, it’s private.

Thanks for this! would you be able to PM me a link of their video or anything that may help me in my journey?

Do you also run any social accounts or do anything like that? I am looking to pay people to work on certain projects

No, I dont know the @ of their accounts, as ive never asked them. Thats not something I would ask them though, as I likely wouldnt share my accounts if asked about them neither. Some things aren’t meant to be shared.

My comment was more or less just setting the record straight that it’s not impossible, and if thats something that people are pursuing, they should continue and not be desueded by threads like this that discourage people from trying.

I’m currently automating a couple adult platforms, and running IG accounts manually at the moment. Thinking about automating the IG accounts to free up some time. I don’t do freelance work though, sorry. I’m sure there are some guys on here looking for work tho, just create a thread in regards to what you’re looking for.


Looking for the same thing