Looking for software that helps build group pages

Is there a software that helps with growing facebook group pages that you own? Or that helps build similar groups? For example I run group pages like “Jobs in Columbus” and like 60 other groups just like that one but for different cities. I’m setting all these groups up manually but they all have the same settings except a few words are different in the title and description. These groups are doing quite well growing on there own so I’m looking for a way to make more faster and if there is a way to grow the group that would be useful as well.

Welcome to MPSocial Corey,

You should check out Jarvee
Plenty of features that can help you to grow your groups and pages on auto.



Definitely Jarvee will become your best friend when you try it out. It’s perfect for what you want to achieve and many other actions :slight_smile:

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