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Hello guys, my name is Ibrahim, i work as a social media manager, and i worked with some companies in USA, UK, China, grow their brands but i want to work for my own, create my own business and use my social media marketing skills to build something for my self, so i read here and there and it seems like a lot of people are aiming for Affiliate marketing, so if anyone can help me with these questions i would be thankful.
1- is it really worth it?
2- if so where should i start?
3- is there is anything i should learn about the market? like courses or books etc.
4- there is a lot of people online saying i have the key, The answer of how to get millions of dollars. but i really don’t know if they are for real, or just trying to sell me stuff, or maybe they are affiliates that looking for commissions, so if anyone have a clear vision or something i can rely on and start with, i would very much love to hear it and i appreciate your help.

thank you in advance


  1. It’s worth it, you can easily make more than in most other places, especially compared how much you can make while you sleep.
  2. You should start reading this forum post after post, it’s gold.
  3. Most of them are outdated, this forum is like a book, and probably the only one with solutions that aren’t outdated after the recent changes.
  4. If I were you I would start my own brand instead of promoting others, because you can get profit on all levels plus it’s really cool to create your own label and see it grow, expand to all continents and be present everywhere. For me this is the best part.
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i see, that is what i thought, they just want to make some money trying to sell some outdated stuff to me,
i know what you saying and thats why i want to work for my own, and stop work for people, that’s why i wanted to be an affiliate so i can get some money to start my own thing, you know you have to pay the bills, and it wont happend if all i do is trying to build with out get paied, i just needed some extra money so i could have some time doing something worth to be build.
thank you for you comment i will look around here for more info about affiliate marketing