Looking for some information regarding using sim cards for PV and account creation

I’ve done Instagram for years but I’ve always used digital sims for phone verification.

I want to bring the process in house and trying to wrap my head around using physical sims. Searching the forums only is providing so much information so I’m hoping someone experienced can answer a few questions

These may sound like dumb questions but they’re questions I haven’t been able to find answers to so please…be gentle

  1. Assuming the phone is unlocked, when a sim is used does it still function on the carrier plan attached to the phone itself or does it connect to a plan associated with that sim card’s provider?

  2. Do sim cards have an ongoing cost? Ie do they run on some level of prepaid data plans?

  3. Can sim cards typically be used globally? Ie if I buy a stock of cards from Europe and bring them to North America could that cause issues?

Any information would be much appreciated

  1. It connects with the new SIM’s carrier.
  2. Most SIMs do have a cost or need to be topped up. That’s why we have sellers that don’t require that in the Marketplace.
  3. Most SIMs can be used globally, but it depends on your phone and location sometimes.

You need to have a world phone, unlocked. Check the phone model against your current carrier to find out if it’s even possible.


The SIM’s in the marketplace are for PV, you can use them for account creation, but you would need to top them up with mobile data. As is they only receive SMS.

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Is that different than simply being carrier unlocked? Ie can a phone have region restrictions just on the model of phone?

Thank you for the information. It was very informative

Yes they can have restrictions.

I personally use or buy Verizon since the majority are “world” phones, but it can indeed vary depending on the model.


Thank you @wortime for all the insights. I greatly appreciate it

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