Looking for someone to grow my account

Hello I’m looking for someone to grow my IG account


We are offering manual growth, feel free to PM me.

please pm me with more info about niche and target.

Send me a PM with the requirements. I can help!

If you have 250 accounts and up, I’m open to listen to you and potentially take you on as a client.

Elaborate please I’m interested

We only take on clients who have 250 accounts and above to grow.

How will you grow with the 250 accounts?

There are only two ways to grow at scale.

Follow / Unfollow
Instagram Loops

Both imperfect, but if you want to grow every account that comes to your website, presses the payment button, you have follow / unfollow or loops.

With Follow / Unfollow they need to have a stomach for some AC’s, some blocks, etc.

For loops they need to have a stomach for non-targeted, fake looking profiles.

Mother Slave is a thing, but pointless for a car dealership. Works for people who have better looking profiles, right @tux - school these kids on why it doesn’t work for every account.

Word of wisdom to everyone on here, I’ve been doing this a LONG time. Do not let anyone BS you that they got the growth goods or that they are the ‘man.’ I can be the man with 10 model / actor accounts.

Try 1000 accounts from all walks of life.

I will leaver you with this. Educate your clients on the problems, not the potential and you will make life much easier.


Here you go folks, if you are doing things at a scale then all the wisdom is right here -

Don’t let anyone fool you, there is no magic bullet. There are tons of other strats that work but they aren’t as universal as these two. Educating your clients is also a must have these days, get on a call and tell them that they are going to have blocks (95% don’t care). Trust me no one has left me in a year because I’ve been upfront about this.

M/S still works but its for people who are willing to invest time on their profile, a car dealership/ coffee shop won’t do this


What we are seeing guys is when a client gets an AC, they don’t flip. They now simply send password and thank us. Or if they get a block, they simply say ‘Damn IG’ and let us know. Education works :slight_smile:

Oh, @tux is a legend kids. Pay attention.


Mother Slave is a thing, but pointless for a car dealership.

On the contrary, it’s working really well for mine.

You are one of 1 million. Can’t do it at scale. For everyone. Until someone shows me that any account that comes through our monster acquisition machine can be grown successfully with the right crowd, not happening.

When you make statements like this, you should back them up with strategy. That’s what we are all here for. I’m an expert at acquisitions, customer support. In the past, I added value.

So value from you would be giving some indication how fan accounts can push relevant traffic to a car dealership, and actually turn those users to followers.

The first thing that comes to mind is that you must of changed the whole vibe / content strategy of the Boise Idaho’s car dealership page to something more educational or something that would grab peoples attention so when you do spam DM’s, they follow back because it’s the most amazing car dealership page ever.

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OK so what I’ve done on my Car Dealership page is repost pictures of myself standing next to the car im selling, writing in the caption a story of the car and an example of a journey I took in the car

I also create infographics about the latest national Car News, Cars being released and when 3rd party designers redo a version of a car e.g. ItalDesign Nissan GT-R

For this, 1 in 5 or 6 DM’s convert to a Follower which is better than other niches I’ve been doing like CBD

I’m now scaling to 500 accounts next week :slight_smile:

I think an IG page with a load of Cars for sale is not enough - there needs to be some emotion


That’s what I’m talking about man! Forward thinking. You have to work to convert these DM’s and you have humanized the page! I bet you could take this a step further. Use video. Talk about car buying. Build trust through knowledge about some shadiness you see in the car industry. Value is so important.

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Exactly man - you have to differentiate yourself from the rest. Nobody wants to see X per month spammed across Social Media. They want to hear stories. They want to know you care about what you do. You can convert more on the Followers later once they have a build up of trust… This is just the start :sunglasses:

Unfortunately many business owners want Sales now now now and that comes at a cost

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we are doing manual actions for hundreds of accounts , its working smoothly for us , our team is from Pakistan which allow us to offer best price, we provide free trial, and we also provide mother /slave service , we charge $15 per slave account , from slave account you can expect average of 100-150 followers a month, we also do it manually thats why our service is stable

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What do you mean you take 250 accounts? Im a bit confused here. If someone has 250 accounts it means theres a previous enduring work of gathering clients, so whoever manages to gather that many must be somehow delivering. Just out of curiosity, what would the benefits of deriving those accounts to you be? Thank you!

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Over the past year we have been asked to take over many clients from individuals and agencies. Why? Because their churn is way too high. And the reason someone would do this is they simply do not have the operation scaled as we do to properly grow accounts and keep churn reasonable.

So instead of losing their business, they come to us. Our minimum # of accounts we will take over is 250.

I will go on record saying this, there isn’t an operation like ours on the planet for follow / unfollow and we are about to launch even more modalities to service clients.