Looking for someone to run automation service

Hey guys,

Im looking for someone to run an automation on my account while I travel overseas and therefore cannot run service myself.

Please PM me with your price offers.

Thanks in advance

$1,999.00 and that’s my final offer.


how generous of you, kind sir :))))


If you want to save the money, then I’ve got a tip for you

Just get a virtual PC or a stationary to run 24/7. depending what bot software you are using, it can work really well.
Use TeamViewer to monitor it via your phone.

That’s what I did when I travelled 16 countries last year as a social media manager.

You can also use the App ”Captivate” if you have an iPhone. It’s great Instagram bot that works on the phone. Very effective stuff you can do! Not fully autonomous tho.

sent you a pm