Looking for thsi course

hello everyone
i’ve been scanning this forum like a bot these past days and learned a lot and one thing make happy is that all courses about instagram are just normal info and i see it as basics and thats what everyone’s sayin here which make me feel good cus i’ve been questionning myself cus i’ve never been satisfied with any course and regret my wasted time even im getting it for free and been having an inner conversation that im not normal and seeking something that does not exist but thanks guys you assured me LOL

now im looking for a course made by elise darma

the worst course i’ve watched its made by avenik team haha everythin about it is just below average the way how these guys talking and approach thing , the infos presented and their sense of humour if we can consider it humour LOL

thanks to anyone who can share the course stated above and have a great week

if this is not the best place to post such topic feel free to move it or ask to and thanks

Let me see if i have it

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thanks man to 13 char

yo man anything new ?