Looking for Website developers

Hey guys I was wondering where I can find professional website developers for a good price ( Its not for landing pages purposes) .

I need to create a directory site ( ASP.net + Bootstrap ) , where I can create a database and add data inside it.

PS: I’ve seen some wordpress Directory themes but i don’t think its professional enough for the job that I need.

would appreciate your thoughts and help regarding this.

I would recommend the Django framework + bootstrap, you could hire a freelancer on some of this sites:


Why Django ?
I think most people would use PHP.

And no, I am not looking for a job :wink:

Thanks for the info. Are those sites safe? I’ve only used fiverr.

Also why Django framework instead of asp.net ? would appreciate your answer

:smiley: Thanks for the reply dimitri :wink:

Do you know any example sites of the php version. I’ve seen some wordpress ones and I think they don’t look professional .

Because it is not as time-consuming as php.

It makes no sense, php is just a script and runs in the background.

Python is less time consuming as PHP ? That is really new for me…

And with frameworks you can save some time. But also for PHP there are lots of frameworks.

Wordpress uses Php. It’s not Php or Wordpress mistake that the sites do not look professional. It’s the one who create it.

Each programming language or framework could not bad according to the creator, designer or developer.

Using the framework is great for the long run because when your current programmer leave you, you could easily find new one who know that code framework.

Custom one from scratch? You risk to put all the eggs into that one developer. When they gone awol, you’ll have harder time to find someone to fix other people code.

  • Static site, Html.
  • Normal dynamic site, CMS.
  • Custom site, code framework.
  • Bigger specific site, team of programmers.

It’s just from my experience though! I’m here to express opinion not for a job.

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Thanks for the reply bro :slight_smile:
wordpress uses php (only talking about wordpress and not about php in general ) is vulnerable and hardly ever used for professional database sites. I spoke to godaddy development team and they said they could make a directory site in wordpress only. However when I asked about security the guy said wordpress is not really suitable for these kind of director sites.

The example sites that i’m looking for are:

Will search in freelancer sites, hopefully someone can do the job for a good price.

PPH (people per hour) isn’t that bad either!

Edit: I found my webdevelopers via Social Media

Hi there Behrad,

I have 8 years experience in wordpress, drupal and on also joomla (on the old times) and some custom php frameworks. Since 4 years ago I am only making websites with wordpress + custom code (plugin developement) . Anyway, I respect your opinion about wordpress and security but isn’t accurated and want to give you some examples.

Actual Websites running wordpress:


About security Wordpress is It is highly updated, as a open-source is the most active on that field. But remember, security is more than choose a CMS. Is a lot of things like the hosting you choose, the configuration they use to protect folders, and the hardening on the whole project.

First of all. I don’t want to sell my services, please take it as a recommendation :slight_smile:

1-You must have your ideal cristal clear. make some draws with a flowchart, just a data flow diagram to express how the website needs to run like:


You can use free https://www.draw.io/ to make a simple draw and works nice

2.Again, your worker must understand fully your needs. Put milestones like:

1-have a registration process
2-Make the form to add new entries from users
3-Make a search box

3.Put a realistic timeframe for all. Your proyects seems big, so will need at least 1 person with full experience working on that or a team that can handle this amount of job

4.Before start the project you will need an estimated budget and description of the work. Isn’t the same to get some nulled script without license and make your website than make all from scratch the right way. The results are important but also what is under the hood to avoid future problems…

Of course on fiverr , upwork and other plataforms (I worked on most of them) there is amazing people, people with really good skills but just be sure to do that steps to don’t lose time and money


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Wordpress is ok, and as safe as other SMS´es. Usually problems are caused by bad plugins and wrong right of maps.

But for a a directory site Wordpress is not the best solution. I have a website (like a a directory site) with over 400.000 pages. Many different keywords with combinations of names of all cities in my country. The website consists of about 40 php files. All 400,000 pages with variable content are handled by 1 php file generating the pages based on the keyword and city.

Wordpress is nice. But not always the most efficient solution.

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Hi there Dimitri. You are right. WP isn’t the best solution for all. There are ways to do what you say using wordpress (directory site) without having 400k pages or custom post types. Just making dynamic content with WP makes the same but it depends a lot of what Behrad needs / wants. Just explain us a little more. I am curious haha

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Thank for the reply seymour . Wordpress on its own for simple article+ image site is perfect and not much security is needed for that part but when it comes to data storage and payment (purchasing) section then it becomes unsafe. Even in your example ( https://publicstoragecanada.com ) , they use .asp ( https://www.psconlineinterface.selfstoragemanager.com/Contents/OnlinePaymentPSC.aspx ) for their payment and important sections.

as dimitri mentioned security of Wordpress becomes complicated when you use plugins! Even if the plugins are 100% safe and have high security you are still at risk e.g. If you forget to update your wp or your plugins then you will be at higher risk of getting hacked ( as i was hacked last year). I still don’t know how I was hacked but I was told that it was through one of the plugins (image gallery) which was out of date and needed update. Lost my adsense because of that.

Also regarding of what I am looking for , I gave some examples in my previous post ( great example would be : http://iranianyellowpage.ca) .

If you have any further thoughts on this would really appreciate it :wink: