Looking for Youtube Manager / French Chanel

Hello guys,

I have a Yotube FRENCH chanel of 500 suscribers only. (very small niche).

I would need someone to help me to grow this chanel with the suscribers interested in my niche. (Couple - Relationship - Parent).

Many thanks,


When you say “I would need someone to help me to grow this chanel” what do you have in mind exactly, you mean collaboration of some kind, or do you need someone to manage the channel for you?

Youtube is a specific social platform and growing it by using some specific methods usually doesn’t give any amazing results. you can for example try to automate your subscribe, likes and comments but there is a strong chance that those will not give you any amazing subscribers gain. Realistically, when it comes to Youtube, good content is everything.

Exactly! , Collaboration with a Youtuber with same or similar niche will Definitely work. But if you’re asking for someone to manage your channel for you than i don’t think that it makes sense because YouTube is all about Content.
If You Got Good Content than nothing to worry about @Mimo Your Channel will Definitely grow.
You Can use instagram to find Subscribers interested in your Niche and share your Channel link with them. I Personally tried this instagram technique to grow my YouTube Channel :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Just my thoughts… I don’t know if I am 100% correct or not.

Yeah I agree with this. You can try to include multiple other social platforms, not just IG, to drive them to your Youtube channel.