Looking to create automated 1000 accounts on Instagram

looking to create automated 1000 accounts on Instagram

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No need to tell us, just do it

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You can use the IG create accounts tool in Jarvee.


The purpose of this website is to ask for a help from expertise and to give a useful knowledge if you have, … it was a quastion not a statement

Do you know how much it would cost to manag 1k, and is it doable? Or they will get blocked once i connecte them?

If you have no experience working with Jarvee, better hire someone to do it for you, it’s more cost efficient. (if you find trustworhty person)

The question is too vague, but I’d say it would cost you anywhere from $1k up to $4k per month (depends what method you use, your structure/setup…) and this is only MONTHLY for proxies, server, license, maintenance + your time (or if u hire someone that’s additional $$$ on top of this).

And to start you also need accounts (I see them as an asset, hence why not counted them above), but you still need to make initial investment to buy/create the accounts, and again, this could be anywhere from $0.2 - $2 per account depends if you create them, how you create them or buying them.
Oh and also Scraper accounts, that’s additional $$$ for your initial investment.

So that’s anywhere between $300 - $2k + $$$ for Scrapers on top of the monthly proxies,server,license and maintenance.
But again, the accounts themselves are an asset (you can use them, sell them etc)…

Everyones costs are different, too many variables…


where to find trustworthy people :joy: .
does anyone do this service on this website?

and thank you for your answer, appreciated.

Yeah, there is a Public Marketplace (people buying/selling services). There are trustworthy providers there, but if you are looking more specific/custom thing, you are better of creating a thread yourself.

You should experiment with less accounts, manage 1000 accounts is reaaally hard (and expensive).

Start with few of them (10-20) and if its working good for you, add more. If you are new… good luck, IG is really tough right now, if i would have to start from 0 i wouldnt start.


No i am new to automation and botting, i can get 1k new followers daily easily on instagram but not scalable becuase its manual.

For what purposes do you need 1k automated accounts? Lmao

Hello, send me a private message

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good quastion, take a guess