Looking to give free high quality follow sources using machine learning methods


Looking to provide free high-quality machine learning follow sources. No catch.

I am new to the forum. But have been quietly looking through a range of topics. I have been using JARVEE and coding my own InstaPy bots using Python for some time now. What really interested me was/is targeting users via machine learning techniques. I have been having a tremendous amount of success with this and I want to try and replicate this in other niches/categories.

Why am I doing this?

In order to improve my own knowledge and speed up the model/adjust/tweak - I want to provide some free services by using machine learning based techniques.

What will you get?

You will receive a specific target user list for follows/interaction of the top users with the highest likely conversion in your niche/category.

How many projects can I take on?

It will be first come first serve. There will be a limited number of projects I can take on (obviously) so when this offer is gone. It’s gone.

If you are interested in this comment below or PM me.

All the best and happy hunting.



I am Interested

I have a few spots left. Many people have messaged about this. Maybe four spots left.

DM me please.

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What do you think about the viability of machine learning for IG?

Interested :grinning: sent a pm as well

interesting project, do you plan to create a paid tool eventually?

Currently it seems to be very good. In the automated/botting space. It is very competitive now. With the introduction of JARVEE and other automated tools, accessibility to growing Instagram accounts, is easily achieved with little to no knowledge at all.

Also with interaction limits ever decreasing by Instagram and artificial intelligence tracking on automated accounts. We must look for new ways to spend our limited resources wisely and that means more specific targeting and targeting in a way which has the best probability of likely outcome of interaction/comment/like/follow in return.

Instagram is a big place. With lots of datasets. The only way to do this is through machine learning.

Thanks for your interest.


Sorry… just going through all of the messages now. I hit my message limit yesterday. Thanks

Potentially at some point. Currently I am doing this for free. But lets see how it goes. Thanks

I am very much interested:)

Very interested I believe I can provide a lot of value for you :slight_smile:

Very interested I believe I can provide a lot of value for you :slight_smile:

Replied to your DM

I am very much interested:)

I am not sure if I received a DM from you? Thanks.

Interested! Please DM

About to DM you!

Interested! Please DM

Interested! Please DM!

Interested, please DM me

Interested! DM brother pleas.e/

I’m very much interested, could you please dm. I’d appreciate it a lot

If you still have spots available I’d be interested