Looking to have a bot created for Fuelgram Rounds/Followliker


Hey all,

I am currently entering about 10-15 accounts into Fuelgram engagement groups manually 3+ times every day. I don’t want to do automated rounds for the reason of cost, and giving up my account information. For this reason I have just been doing it manually.

I am looking to have a bot created in order to enter Fuelgram rounds at a given time, then take the given list of 800 accounts, put those accounts into a CSV excel sheet, import that spreadsheet into followliker, and then start the followliker campaign. I was wondering how feasible this sounds for those of you that would know how to code such a bot (the API is all open source, so it doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult). I know there are other ways such as entering other autoround services, but help me entertain the idea. This would be my solution instead of having to hire a virtual assistant, and would allow me to scale well above the 10-15 accounts I’m currently dropping.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can provide some input!



Do you get the bot?
I would like to discuss with you.