Looking to participate in Int'l Large Giveaway Contests on Instagram, Mainly Girls

Hi everyone,

I have been trying various IG marketing techniques to grow my personal IG account which I mainly use for social clout/girls.

I’ve had the best success with international Brazilian giveaways with a vendor here and have grown my following quickly.

Now I’m looking to do the same but in other international locations, especially Colombia, Philippines, Thailand, Ukraine, Russia. One big limitation is that I’d like the vast majority of followers to be women. In Brazil, for example, the giveaways are make-up /comestics so it’s been great.

Please note that I’ve had a horrible experience with a U.S. campaign called Mega, I was promised women and some Greek followers but it was 100% guys, super ghetto, and it had the lowest-quality followers I’ve ever seen, almost fake accounts , so please do not offer me anything like that.


P.S. always looking for other innovative way to grow with real followers, mainly women, and internationally, very quickly.

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