Looking to sell an account

I’m looking to sell my alt right political account. I’m not sure where to sell it or what it’s worth. Engagement is alright but not amazing. Can anyone tell me where to sell it?

@dma0245 talks about his best sales for growth accounts coming from BHW. He has a sales thread on BHW which you pay for, though. In your case you could possibly look around on there for people commenting with interest in that niche and (if people aren’t finding solutions, so you’re not stealing other’s business on there) you could inbox them your Skype details to chat on the side about it. I’m not sure of the exact rules on BHW, but if you choose to that then I would be subtle about offering sales, and also don’t just try to steal potential customers off other threads on there.

Others may know more about this and can share if that’s a perfectly acceptable or not a fair idea.

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Yea I just wanted to sell a single account currently. I’m not looking to sell mass accounts so I don’t wanna open a sales thread for a single account.

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I’m sure a few Russians might want it.


Hahahhaa might make top dollar