Looks like you'll lose your accounts too if we don't find a solution!

My accounts randomly came up with email verification. And now it’s saying this.

What’s going on? Anyone else seeing this??

Change proxy / device :+1:

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That didn’t work. It’s also coming up with this when I open with eb

That’s phone verification…

Ita not allowing me to change the phone number. J does it automatically when it does the PV but this isn’t working. I log in with eb and this comes up. :pensive:

Also it was the first time to try to email verify. I’m stuck. I can’t get back I to 13 accounts. This is so bad

How do we get past this if we no longer have the phone number? This is what’s popping up when I log in with eb

If it will only let you phone verify to the original number and you don’t have that, then they are flagged and gone. :slightly_frowning_face:

Have you had this before? When I select to verify manually this comes up too.

That’s probably because it won’t let you email… I think they have been flagged…

This is heart breaking. Is there a way to prevent this?

Looks like everyone will have this very soon. I know i won’t be the only one.

Man i think you are spamming too much, and how do you know who will have problem and who not. Do your work, test things, if you don’t have any more solutions or ideas don’t cry just forget your IG business and move to something else. Its hard to everyone not only you…

I posted about 5 posts on the accounts. Do you reckon that’s why? I’m so scared it’ll happen to my main accounts.

It’s not new…

Just make sure ur main account have a legit phone number to verify…

Learn the lesson and move on. You should have enough accounts and always be bringing more on, if you lose a few, start double more …

Yeh I see. So frustrating. Thanks for your advice guys. I appreciate it.