Losing followers since PV

I had an account with 205k followers, getting 2k new followers per day, this was for over a month, one day the account got disabled, I recovered but in the lapse of 1 month got disabled 3 times and between each episode, the account started to grow a lot slower, and one day I woke up with IG asking to PV with a phone that I lost access, I finally was able to get the account back after 3 months on the past week, on the last Tuesday I added it to MP, did nothing for 2 days, then I posted 1 picture, nothing for the weekend and today posted 2 pictures and started to warm the account up (3 follows, 2 likes). However, I’m losing followers every day (from 200 to 300), I tried using low-rank hashtags and the account does not show, if I create my own hashtag like #accountusername it does show, but not with others.
I’m not sure if this qualify as a shadow ban, but I don’t know how to gain exposure again. Ideas? Thanks

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Keep posting,after 1 month+ things should pick up again.


you also need to keep the interaction with users(follow, like, comments) make sure your account look natural as much as possible and as florin said keep posting and things should get back to normal.

Yes, thanks, I’m gaining +800 followers by day now again

How did you manage to get back the account after a PV with a phone number you have lost? Is there a form to fill for this case?

It doesn’t work anymore :(, but you can give it a try.
I did a password reset, after change the password I clicked on the email with the password change notification to secure the account, that allowed me to verify the information, I removed the phone number, had to submit a new one and I was able to login, unfortunately, I tried the same thing with an account that lost yesterday, but didn’t worked to me.

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Yeah I tried Reseting the pwd too but after Reset I was redirected to the Phone Verification Screen again :frowning: I will wait few days and retry. Anyways those account I have in PV are not big accounts…

I lost yesterday one of 65k followers, not huge, but took me like 18 months to grow it like that :frowning:

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Sad to hear that! 18 months of work lost in few seconds. For those kind of account is better to hold a dedicated phone number and keep it for the account security…