Losing more followers than I gain

I have 26K followers and in 2019, my posts used to average 3-5k likes. I am consistently losing more followers than I am gaining, and my posts are not showing up to people outside of my own followers.

In the last 7 days, the biggest post I had was 983 likes and only 10% of the people that saw it were not following me.

From Home 6959
From Explore 11
From Profile 48
From Other 777

The kicker is now I am posting more consistently and my likes are averaging at 100-200.

I’m not sure what to do. I’ve tried different hashtag sets, I’ve rotated them.

Anyone can offer any advice?

you probably have been shadowbanned somehow.

do you do any other actions other than posting? I mean like follow/unfollow? Dm’s?

Did you change anything in your posting content or quality?

It’s obvious that you’ve been shadowbanned, and if that started to happen 7 days ago, I think the only thing you can do is to wait for a couple of more weeks until the shadowban is lifted.

I think I connected to my account with a VPN on by mistake, and attached my account to StackPosts automatic scheduling system. Could those be it?

If i want to get rid of this shadowban, what do I do? Should I just put everything on pause or do I continue posting?

yes using another IP to connect to your account and doing actions from it will cause that issue and yes you should give the account some rest then start again slowly and from the same IP never do actions from another location.

Yeah I think that the short break would be helpful but afterward you should continue posting and in couple of weeks the shadowban should be lifted.

I use StackPosts with a Mobile Proxy coming directly from my phone. Would that be an issue?

what niche? My quote accounts losing and nothing I do revives accounts except reels. Others in the quotes niche losing also as I track them Few survived past march and losing. I moved on to different niches