Loss of followers after a post

Hi everyone, I have a problem that I can’t solve. I follow about 50 accounts and they all have fairly constant growth. However, there are 2 accounts that have a “bleeding” of followers of about 15/25 a day. The strange thing is that when they post they lose 100/150 for about 2 days. There are 2 accounts of people who have made some TV shows 3/4 months ago and have grown very organically. I can’t understand why after the post they have such an important loss. I thank you in advance for your suggestions.


I see this with many new clients signing up, they are already bleeding followers (this is a really nice way to describe it). The bleedign slows down and slowly turns into positive growth once I begin automation… But if I stop for too long or they cancel their service, they start bleeding again (just not as bad).

I have not seen a correlation between follower drop and posting.

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every new post works like a newsletter, do not worry about those people who leave because they would not buy anything from you, focus on those who are


If this is not a correlation !!!:grin::grin::grin:


Maybe the tool is off or the analytics are off? Try to manually record it

Every New Post is a reminder for accounts to follow or unfollow you based on the content.

They might have followed you for a particular content and the new post can be a motivating them to unfollow you. I have also done this in my account that some content from a user made me want to unfollow them immediately as I cannot relate to them.

When you have a bigger account, the numbers can be bigger. As long as you create good quality content, don’t worry about it.

To test, check your best post which performed extremely well in the last 30 days and see if you can post something similar to that. The bleeding will stop immediately and you’ll gain numbers!

This usually happens when niche change
with every post a small % of non interested followers unfollows you.

Sometimes people just lose interst. Or, they have noticed you have unfollowed them. Back in lets say 2015 before i started growing accounts, when I was a target myself, I would follow the person back if when they had a large follower count and a low following count. I thought “wow this person really wants to follow me.” I see that person post, and then I would think if they are still following me. I would go on their account and check and they wouldnt be anymore. So i would unfollow them, UNLESS i actually like their content.

Another reason why people may be unfollowing would you be that you were targetting the wrong audience to begin with, OR you may have started posting different content which wasnt what you were posting when they first started following you.

Another reason could be Instagram just deleting spam accounts or fake users. So it could be a mixture of different things.