Lost all my positions on one particular hashtag

Hello everyone,

as of today, I lost all my positions for one particular hashtag that I was dominating before. I had some like bans on this account yesterday. So for how long will it last? That’s my first time losing my positions (I am not listed there anymore), so when will I get them back? Is this a kind of shadowban or something?

I am botting with this account with a German IP (dedicated proxy) but I also use this account on my iPhone to login answer the DMs and so on (German IP as well - no proxy). Is this an issue?


I just logged in back in my account on my phone and its all back and working again :confused: I deleted the account yesterday from my phone.

To be clear, you are asking if your account is being shadowed because that account does not rank in the top 9 of a particular hashtag that you have consistently ranked in the past?

If so, could it be that your competition is onto your hashtag and is using an account whose posts receive higher engagement.

Give us a little more information to see where the problem lies.

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It’s all fine again, but I wasn’t mean to say in the top9, I was saying in all of them. So when I just posted something and went through my particular hashtag I did not see any of my postings nowhere. That was the problem, but its all good now.

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