Lost half of my accounts (just started)


I’ve started using Massplanner one week ago. I set up 10 3 Months old (aged) accounts and let them follow 50 a day. Then, after 2 days I changed the Username niche related, waited 2 hours, then changed the bio with text and URL to landing page. Besides that I increased the followings count by 50 a day, till 600. Now, 3 days later, half of the accounts are banned. Some got PV first but got banned after.

Did I do something wrong with warming them up or is it normal to have a 50% lose rate?


Your settings were to agresive from the start.600 follows after 1 week might be to agresive.Try 600 during the first month not the second week.Also don’t add any link in bio in the first month also.


from 50 a day to 600. Not suspicious at all.

You guys need to understad that even 50 a day is in some way not normal, becouse why would regular person/instagram user every day follow 50 unknown people. Would you do this with your personal acc ? I don’t think so.

I can understand that you/we need to do so much following in order to make money with CPA but also you all need to understand that you need to look as much as normal as you can in instagram eyes.

Not from 50 to 600 but increase with 50 a day, thats something differen.

I recommend you work slow and lower the increase a day. Sometimes too fast is too much.