Lots of accounts disabled and action blocks in adult nich

anyone know how to lessen the bans and action blocks? proxies, settings, account provider other tricks?

We need wayyyyyy more info to help.

What are you using for this?

blazingseollc and action proxy, 3 acc per proxy never got bans in other niches but in adults its crazy, bulletproof acc from valar with prelander, following/unfollowing 600 to 1k per day

Found your issue. :wink:

Bulletproof…His accounts are some of the worst you can find…

then, 3 accs per proxy. stop that. use 1 per acc.

And adult is stricter then normal.

Not surprising as IG is tightening up on accounts

Bought accounts, 3 accounts per proxy, over 600 actions a day, and adult niche. Thats such a perfect combo :smile:

any recommendation for account provider and proxy?

No, not for CPA. But there will be some other users here that can answer that! @Gernozarus for example;)