Lots of FB accounts but don't know what to do

I have lots of fb pva aged accounts but i don’t know how to get money from them, i don’t want to sell them tho. Can anyone enlighten me. Thanks

there are lot of good articles on the forum. a quick search will give you a selection and fro there just find the ones best suited for your needs.

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and if you’re too lazy to do that then i’ll buy them off you haha :smiley:

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Thanks. Will try to search now.

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If i would not be able to use them then i might sell it to you then :stuck_out_tongue:

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Don’t sell. The fact that someone wants to buy them from you means it’s valuable.

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The thing is i can’t find any good method for it. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thats why i’m considering to sell it.

How’s your research about it going?You haven’t found a way to monetize it yet? I personally do not know how to but surely there are easy ways out there. Try to dig deep here and in Google as well.

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Make website, insert adsense ads. Join bunch of groups in your niche, post articles from your websites to groups :slight_smile:
It’s that simple.

Of course, you’ll need to warm up your accounts, consider how many posts per day per account you will publish, see what groups are worth publishing on…


Well the thing is you can’t do that w/o some cash. Domain, hosting, proxies, bot. Can’t afford that all. :sweat:

Then, you should sell your accounts. No, other way. @Adnan told you the best way and hosting and domain will not cost you too much.
Now, it’s your choice.

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Yeah hosting and domain don’t cost me alot, but proxies, vps and bot will.


i have new dropship store in women niche. Just need traffic from fb group.
please pm me if you interesting to jv.

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same here, i have +1000 accs and need good way to monetize them :smile:

how many account? i though if mass fb account, it can do seo for your website or othething. as i know, old aged fb account is valuable.

Are you using all those accounts right now?

If you are, and you are already driving traffic just send me a private message. I might have something for you.

They are just sitting around doing nothing…

Too shame.

I’m PMing you…

Lol bug them off you

If anyone doesn’t know what to do with the accounts and they are hot. Message me.