Low engagement high follow ratio

Hi guys, I have a question about engagement. Last month I started one account from zero for my girlfriend for her company. The account in one week gain 400 followers and followed 1k people, the account posted every single day. But I had a problem the people who followed don’t engage with the posts, I have less than 10 likes per post with 400 followers. I don’t quite understand I know f/unf kills some engagement but isn’t supposed this people who follow back are interested in the content? This is new content created by my gf and I check all the captions and hashtags they all good.

If someone can help me I would aprlpreciate :ok_hand:

maybe the content isnt’ worthy of engagement
Hard to know the answer without seeing the page
In general biz pages get lower engagement

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People also mindlessly follow back sometimes and just never bother liking posts/viewing stories or commenting, it’s some stupid psychological thing, “must reciprocate so I don’t look like an asshole.”

Then again you’ve got another opposing attitude where people just expect to follow zero people and “everybody follow me because I’m a fucking gift from god,” which you see in mostly female accounts in my experience.

Tell me what sources did you use? how well you filtered them?
You might have followers with big followings or even bots.
I don’t know you content type but many people only “watch” and never engage, so you could try also to improve your captions.

It’s a design page for twitch streamers. i will protect the page without posting here. But even the content she uses puzzle feed method.
Something like this:

Yeah that’s so true, sometimes I don’t understand people follow you and then they simply don’t give likes or something her content starts being behind…

The account follows users who posted on the hashtags, she’s looking for client’s so I choose this away to the program pick profiles who post and invest content on specific hashtags.

Yep content looks pretty generic, not sure why you would expect high engagement

What is the reach? You might have done too spammy actions and now be shadowbanned as a result

As @IGsocialize pointed out, many people are “watchers” which makes sense to me, but why use Instagram if you’re just scrolling and never doing anything else? It’s definitely weird, but at the same time maybe it’s not. I don’t know, but I think part of targeting is finding the right type of user - the one that engages - which is often not the same as one who follows. Sometimes you have to get lucky and find the right mix of personality type, something I’ve been terrible at in any of my journey’s towards growth.

Actually lately since I just started over again, I haven’t been able to get any growth or engagement, but could be part of the times we’re living in.

This too, but there is a lot of boring, pointless content, like quotes that have no value or pictures of boxes, and people engage/like/follow like crazy, and it boggles the mind.

You need to make sure that you are targeting users that are already interested into the content you are posting. That’s why scraping followers, likers or commenters of similar accounts would be the best thing you can try here.
Also, pointless to say that the content is everything. Always try to be inovative there and post quality and unique content.

In so far as your confusion, this assumption is where your confusion begins.

More likely than most, people follow back are often reciprocating a follow.

Remember, non-business users behave differently than marketers/business users.

If they don’t frequently have people following them, they’ll follow back excited about that. Not necessarily your content.

Also, even though they hit the follow button, doesn’t mean they hit it checking your profile.
They can do it right from notifications without ever seeing who you are or what you post about.

I belabor that since:

They may follow & realize its something they’re not interested in seeing once they see it on their home feed for the first time.

Suggestion: Consider engaging rather than seeking engagement. As a business, your best chance at converting viewers to customers are those who feel connected with you. Unless your content is that good to inspire them to click that like, comment, or share button, you need to reach out & figure out who this follower is so you can create content that appeals to them & build that relationship for the business.

Shared assuming you are using the platform to build up viewers that you would eventually convert into customers.

If not, then take the surface level approach & go like & comment on their content. Hope they feel the reciprocation to do the same on your content.

Good luck!


Also, I personally don’t think having posts uploaded as a puzzle is effective. The user is confused on which post to like and very very very rarely will they like every “piece of puzzle”