Low engagement on old dog related Instagram account

Hi there,
I have an old Instagram account in dog niche. I have about 100k followers. I not posting few years regularly and I decided to start posting again and sell that account. I have a problem I posting regularly every day good posts what I find best on other pages but the engagement didn’t grow… How much time I need to wait to start engagement grow again? Also my followers unfollowing every day in days when I didn’t post… i don’t know it’s Instagram algo deleting the accounts?

Any help?

I you’ve got that many followers, it’s possible that there are many fake accounts and that IG deleted them in the meanwhile.

As for the engagement, I think you shouldn’t be worried, it should get back very soon. Just be persistent with posting and in a couple of weeks engagement should be back.

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Also note that engagement has dropped lately atleast I can relate to that also I read others state that aswell. So it will get better but don’t be expecting crazy reach like earlier.

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Ok. Thank you very much. I’m posting regularly every day.

Thank you for your answer.

You can also try with different content, not just images, try with videos, or even with the new Reels. Maybe it could help to refresh the account :slight_smile: How many times per day do you post? Do you use captions and hashtags?

Yes I try new reels and posting videos. I posting approx 2 times a day. Maybe good captions and hashtags are missing… Where I can find good hashtag tool instead of Jarvee?

What do you mean by hashtag tool, what would you like to achieve with the tool?

Do you mean some sort of software that will extract hashtags with good engagement? I haven’t understand that as well.

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Yes. What I can use when I posting to get more engagement.

I want to achieve more reach, followers and engagement LOL

Well, I’m not able to recommend anything else than Jarvee since I use Jarvee when I need to get ideas about which hashtags to use and when I need hashtags info :smiley: there is a free trial for Jarvee that you can try, the tool is called Users and Hashtags.

Using proper niche related hashtags can help you to achieve more reach, follower, and engagement. But you should also try to post great quality content.

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Thank you. I try to post good content. Yesterday someone reported me for posting intellectual property. So it’s hard to find good content to repost.

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