Low Facebook Video & Link Reach

Hi all,

I have multiple pages and in all those pages video and link reach is very very low as compared to image reach. I tried posting from different account to see if there is any problem with my account but its same with other account too. and this is happening in all the pages.

I have checked this link Appeal a Page Block and it does not show any of my pages.

Can anyone tell me what is going wrong here?

Yep - Would I be correct in assuming that the videos are hosted on YT? Facebook lowers reach for videos that are not native.

Also - its known in the Facebook community that posts with links lower reach as well. Ive read its best to do 80/20 split of posts with links.

So to sum it up, those are both Facebook Algo “No Nos”


But a month ago everything was working fine and now this all of a sudden. Anyways whatever you have said is an addition my knowledge. Thanks

It is because of algorithm. Facebook noticed that videos reach will go down, after latest updates.

If you own the video / content on the link, would suggest uploading the videos on your own page and starting to use Facebook’s Instant Article feature. It’s not very complicated to set up, and visibly improves impressions on your content.

lazerlight do you use Instant Articles?

Yup. Very easy to set up from my experience on Wordpress & other CMS websites.