Low reach - not ranking anymore!

Hi guys,

Over the past few weeks the reach on all my client’s accounts has been depressing honestly. We used to rank on hashtags and reach a very good amoudt of people from that, and now it’s just not happening anymore. We still rank but the reach is not even close to what we were achieving before.

Is anyone experiencing similar problems? Could it be related to the elections and them disabling the “recent” tab?


I’d think this would have a lot to do with it.

Perhaps you could change things up in the organic strategy.

Eg: as soon as your client posts, go to a previous post and like the comments from those who engaged previously.

Experiencing drastically less reach from hashtags as well, since they changed the UI. Hashtag reach used to be 70-80% of all impressions and now its barely any. I guess its time to fully move to reels lol


Try and engage with more of your follower posts around the time you post. I usually like 10-20 of my followers posts after I post and get an instant boost.

But I have noticed quite a drop in hashtags lately too. My likes are still around the same though.

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IG tweeted about temporarily reomving the “Recent” Tab from hashtag pages. This was likely why hashtag reach was down for you lately ~ well, one main part of it.

I checked on Monday (Nov 9) and IG still gave me those warnings at the bottom of hashtag searches. But as of today, those warnings were gone and everything seems back to normal.


Found that tweet yesteday too - a lot of people complaining about it and that their reach plummeted, so it might play a big role in what I’m experiencing as well.

Just checked the hashtags on all of my US client’s accounts and they are still deactivated - I don’t know if they are perhaps reactivating it gradually, or are you not located in the US? As far as I’m aware only US accounts have had their recent tab deactivated


Interesting. I used a USA VPN to check and they look fine on my end on one of my accounts.

i’d assume this as well.

I Doubt it will work. I am talking about medium sized 100k-500k accounts that get atleast 2k organic likes and 20 comments in the first 30 mins. I doubt that 20 additional likes would help a lot, unfortunately

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Interesting , did not see this tweet before. Thanks for pointing it out!

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Oh I see. Did you change the content style? Have you tried easier to hit hashtags?

I’ve noticed a slight drop in my reach on my 140k account and not hitting hashtags as much. But it usually comes in waves on my account.

Everything is the same. For the last week, 20% of posts hit hashtag reach like they used to, the rest do not hit hashtags at all. No hashtag shadowbans or banned hashtags used. Very weird