Low story views - Any remedies?

My story views on one of my accouts have been stagnant even though I am gaining followers.

What could be the issue? (Business account, posting 4-6 stories, interesting content mixed with s/o)

Any help on how to increase viewer count is appreciated!

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On some days the engagement can drop and on some you get more views thats what I figured out.

Try to post a story every 1-2 hours so you appear in front of your followers story list (or lookup when your followers are most active and post some storys then). I think it is also always good to do Polls and answer questions so you engage with your audience.

If its good content your followers will automatically share your story with friends for example.


Interestingly, even though the story views are low, the engagement on polls and other actions are always above 25% !

Seems like my story only gets viewed or shown to people that engage in them…

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yes i i notice aswell about polls/ask me a question etc, stickers what ever
getting 2x more views then regular posting, hashtag aswell
depends on hashtag aswell, one can give bonus of 25 hash tag views another will give me 100 hashtag views,
any one can share some wisdom? :slight_smile:

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Hi guys!
At the beginning of august i only had 300 story views on an account of 18k followers.
Since then ive started posting at least 4/5 stories a day with good content and at least 2 questions a day…never stopped doing this and never stopped growing.
Now the account has 18,5k followers but story views are up to 800/900 and over 1000 sometimes.
Talking about # in the stories i dont like using lots of them so i just use some strong ones when i need. (for example if u are in the fashion niche u can use #fashionweek during that event to increase your views).

Ps. this is NOT a rule but just an experience of mine.
HOPE it helps :grinning: :crossed_fingers: LMK

Are you posting pictures or videos? I’ve noticed that videos perform way better than pictures and get seen by more people.

Mainly pictures.
Need to try out videos in stories more, let’s see how this goes!

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