Lower views, algorithm change?

I know there has been an algorithm change, and videos are being shown at a later time now…but this seems strange.

For the last 1.5 weeks all my views have dropped dramatically (I used to get 10k min, now I’m lucky to hit 10k), but all my old videos from a month ago are blowing up still. So will my current content get views a month from now? Why is it doing this, hard to tell if content is bad, or algorithm change.

_jamesstrachan on TT

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Are you sure that you didn’t change anything before this started to happen? Do you post your own content or no? Are you keep using same hashtags?

I haven’t changed my content, it’s remained “info” content and duets. I don’t believe I’m being suppressed because all my content from 2-4 weeks ago is still getting likes and views. Just seems my new stuff is stalled.

For example. I posted a video within my niche 18 hours ago, it got 1k likes, and like 5k views. That would have been a 10-15k view video 2 weeks ago normally

I am in the exact same situtation, yes tiktok did change their algortithm. However I think that those changes don’t affect the most popular creators only the one that have less than 2 millions followers i would say

I post video between 2-4 every day and only reach 1000views and sometimes it happens that I get the 10-40k. However, I woke up this morning looking at my smartphone and saw that I went viral on a video that I posted almost 1 month ago, about 300k views. it is sick. experienced something like this for the first time and got more than 1000 followers in one day. in any case, for me it never means to stop and keep going and trying everything out. But what was strange was this video where I suddenly go viral 1 month ago, I can not explain. I repost videos by the way …

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there are indeed some changes on the TikTok algo maybe that’s what causes your issue.

for the videos that still get attention even after a month that is totally normal.

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Nothing to worry about here. Keep posting through it and even try to make your content better. We are all in this together :slight_smile: