Luminati Proxies experiences? How many accounts can be run on one residential proxy?

Does someone of you made experiences with “Luminati” Proxies already? How many accounts can be run on one residential proxy in general? Im very new to this topic and I dont really know how much GB one automated IG account is taking. Im thankful for every help i get, to get a better understanding of this topic. When I learned well about that and find something out new, I will give it back to this forum <3



One account will use around 7GB/mo. If you have strict filters and scraping issues it can go up to 15+GB/mo.
Using only API I think it’s around 3GB/mo but I have no data to back up this case.


thank your very much for the information :blush:
ay, it costs about 12 $ per GB at luminati
not cheap like you said
How many accounts can be run on one account safely?


10 on dedicated mobile proxies.
3-5 max on residentials.
1 on datacenters.

Yes it’s very pricey, here is why on the other thread i was recommending you one of the mobile proxies sellers from mpsocial instead of luminati, you will save money and will be sure about the quality :slight_smile:


Okay, will be better like you said, but I have not the right level to join the marketplace you said?
I’m new so I don’t understand this levels so far, I tried to look into my profile but I could not find any information about that :confused:

You need to get 200 likes to be upgraded, might want to contact or look into the account bio of the sellers I referenced you before.


Okay, I understand. Its all about engagement, right? :smile: Direct messages are possible with level 1?

If you need the following/unfollowing options only you can try their datacenter proxies. It all depends on your goals and if DC ones suit your needs. But just to know i had no problems except like blocks with their DC proxies although ive tried a lot of different providers and had issues like PVs on some of them. So their DC service is quite good, but if you looking for mobile ones hit @HenryCooper and ask him about that.


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An account use that much data ?:open_mouth::open_mouth:


Yes, at least from my experience. But I’ve seen other users having very similiar stats :slight_smile:


Just for the record (I know this is not the question) , I have 3 tablets with 15 accounts all using a residential connection.
Plus the 5 on my phone… 20 in total, from one normal home wifi.

These accounts are with different proxies (quality level from Henry).

PVs are not more than usual for any of these accounts.
Also, the wifi changes when I travel (very often).

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… but not all of them running actions at the same time from your home wifi :slight_smile:


No the automation is done on JARVEE, on a dedi server using Henry’s proxies.

So these accounts log in from two different IPs, my home one for light usage (and initial warmup), occasional posting, and from Henry’s for full speed follow/unfollow.

All the accounts were created using the home IP.

This was an experiment, to put my old tablets to use with new accounts. It went well, so i just kept it going.

EDITED by @wortime DM for reason if needed.

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If you want to be completely on the safe side, I would always keep it to 1 proxy per account no matter what. This has been my experience at least and it keeps the accounts as safe as possible

don’t use luminati. it’s way too expensive. I had tons of PVs with them as well. In my opinion, they have a good a product, but it’s not suitable for social media management. I can see where it would be good solution for ad verification but not for this. Your proxy bill will be hundreds of dollars a month for just managing a handful of accounts.


If u don’t use IPs for acc creation but management don’t even think going with IPs with a traffic limit. They’ll only eat u money like those “aubergine :eggplant: hungry Instagram models”.

Though if u can’t do ur own IPs, search in the market.


Their IPs are heavily abused because their service model welcomes abusers and punishes long term users. Why? They charge per data used. Sending an Instagram registration request chain barely consumes a lot of data, while running and operating an Instagram account does.

My experience with them is quite outdated 1-2 years. But I had better results with random BHW back-connect rotating proxies then Luminati. While they require identification in the onboarding process there is many Luminati resellers on the market, because the more you use the cheaper it gets (per GB wise).


These are not standard residential proxies that you can find here on the forum. These are rotating residential IP’s.

Luminati lures people in with their “free” Hola VPN and they buy IP’s from botnets. They rotate often because you can never tell when the connection will close.

Luminati is probably the most advanced residential rotating proxies out there. I’ve heard reports that they still work well, but have declined quite a bit due to abuse.

How many can you put on them? Not every connection is equal in terms of quality and bandwidth, although they do a better job than most. I would say up to 10, although I am not familiar with how they multithread. Luminati is best if you can do all the bell and whistles like the proxy manager to automatically get rid of bad IP’s etc, but those are all advanced functions. I would contact Luminati directly and ask them. Or maybe @HenryCooper can explain since he knows more about them.

Thats very different. You are basically using JARVEE like a client would. While you are posting etc from your home IP, the actions come from where your JARVEE is installed, and the IP of the proxies that you use.

It’s cheaper to purchase proxies from the forum. You can buy them from $3 for residential to $4 - $70 that will run 1 -10+ accounts. You never have to worry about paying per GB.


No I get that. It is like a client’s usage. But a client on steroids who has 20 accounts from one IP :slight_smile:

I kept adding waiting to be disabled etc, it never happened. I do realise I am off-topic, just wanted to share the account creation and usage on home IP aspect.
(Sorry about the slip, thanks for the edit)

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Illuminati is way over priced and I have heard negative things about service. Look around here you can find some gems in posts if keep your eye out :slight_smile: