Luxury account 3k in one month

So, I’ve got this account set up on auto pilot now, it’s watches and fancy cars etc.

I’m quite happy at 3k in one month but I wondered what you guys think.

I’m getting on average 120 likes on each post and comments are now starting to roll in.

I’ve set the account up to pretty much repeat exactly what I’ve done on first month.

I repost what I like for easiness, so it’s set up for the next month.

I’m reposting about 12 posts a day, i had it set high because I wanted to get an abundance of snaps up so account looked okay but wondering if I should pull that back or not but at same time, I’m thinking if it ain’t broke don’t fix.

I’m scraping folk from luxury niches and adding hundreds into my follow list. If less than 20% of 100 don’t follow back I bin them, might be a little strict but it’s working okay, could be better perhaps but I wouldn’t know, so I’m asking you guys.

Any thoughts would be brill.

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slow down your posting asap


Done, thanks for that

Don’t go higher than 3 a day

Thanks Grummel, I will make some big adjustments across the board.

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