M/S account content strategy?

Guys how do we find content for slave accounts reposting is very good way right? And what other ways we can grow our slave account

Reposting of course.
Search google for images…
I don’t see other ways.


That really depends on the niche. Normally I would suggest to pick content by engagement ratio (Jaree can do this), and then write a custom spin syntax for that campaign. If you want to go safe, make sure you filter posts out that could be a shoutout or a paid promotion.


You mean reposting one with higher engagement?
And how do we do that filtering the one with shout and promo?
Advice needed

Blacklist words like “shoutout, free, promo” etc. whatever u don’t want to repost
Also what I do is simply dont directly repost but put them into campaigns, filter the ones I dont like and then set them to post those pictures


Also remember to change the caption!

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Into campaign along with content too? Right?
Thankyou very much

By that you mean? Sorry didn’t get it