M/S captions on post

Okay so if you have 100 accounts how do you guys get all the posts for these? I found some popular accounts and put them on auto repost but then the issue arises of the captions. So are you doing captions and hashtags on these accounts? Are you just doing it all manually because that’s a lot of work?! Then what do you do after post like once a week after getting a base of posts up. Also for bios I read you need to change them a little. So any little tips you guys have would be wonderful. I made 3 separate DMs to use interchangeable but I noticed people mentioned Spintax option used in Jarvee is that essential if I made different ones. Thanks for everything I’m really grateful to whoever made this group and for all the help and insights and tips and to my friend that showed me this group:)

Spintax is essential. You should use spin syntax in your post caption text and DM text.

As for hashtags, you can check Enable dynamic hashtags in the Repost tool settings tab.

Bio should be unique. Don’t use the exact same bio on all your slave accounts. In Jarvee it’s possible to edit bio in bulk:
Social profiles tab > Select your slave accounts > Actions on selected profiles > edit profiles.

repost is the best solution

i use SpinSyntax to get many variation of captions and hashtags and bio should be different from each account so that IG don’t link them