M/S guys quick question about comments

Hey guys, just wanted to ask so I got my m/s setup.

All is smooth, doing follows and DMs, however I never used Comments before. I look around the comments tool and seems straightforward to setup, however, what do you do exactly or how to utilize this?

I assume I get my child account, target a competitor post, comment on the post something like “great post! check out our @mainaccount for deals!” something like this?

Also about how many comments can you send? For DMS I send only max 10 a day.

Many thanks!

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I haven’t really ventured much into this as I have seen others getting lots of issues. You need a very good spintax otherwise you will link accounts and have mass captcha.

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If my comment mentions an account, I don’t leave more than 5 comments per day. if it’s just comment text without mentioning another account, I set the daily limit to 10-20 comments per day. Using multi level spin syntax is a must when it comes to IG comments tool.

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Ossi do you find comments useful at all?

They can look spammy very easily if not well done. You need to make sure the accounts do not get reported.
I would recommend to only comment by hashtag search to make the syntax fit the image better. You can design different spins for different hashtags.
Personally I am not using the comment tool on child accounts though :relaxed:


Yeah I agree, Ive never seen a good comment done by a slave. Usually they have nothing to do with the post and looks very cringy.

One way would be to use complimants to do with that niche in hopes that you can get a follow back to then dm the mother too.

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Its funny how everyone seems to know a lot about this strategy that I find super complicated to achieve :sweat_smile:

Its not easy to do for anyone tbh. Especially now with IG mixing things up every few weeks

I also think its almost impossible to make automated comments and dms not look spammy

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Dms are easy, comments are hard

Yes to this. A lot of users use 1 comment for 1 specific hashtag and that’s easier to detect tbh… having a complex spintax PER hashtag will make it safe…